Cherry Valley Artworks was founded to promote the art, culture and rich history of Cherry Valley, to provide a forum for artists and others interested in the arts, and to demonstrate how the arts can generate a sense of excitement and promise that contributes to a vital community. Artworks is committed to encouraging and nurturing the creativity and talent in our own community, to expanding interest in and knowledge of the arts, and to finding common ground in the re-vitalizing energy of the arts.


At a Christmas party in 2003, several community members first discussed the idea of forming a Cherry Valley arts council. These discussions led to the creation of Cherry Valley Artworks. Click below to read co-founder William G. Isaac’s brief history of the organization.
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The Star Theater

Cherry Valley Artworks acquired the Star Theater in 2006 and has been working to restore the long-disused space into a functioning arts center at the heart of historic Cherry Valley. Click below to learn more about the history of the Village Hall building and our vision for its future.
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Cherry Valley Artworks would not exist without the support of community members who donate time and resources to the cultural life of the community. Click below for a list of board members and supporters.
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