Life Cycles

Life Cycles poster
Life Cycles is a 25-minute multimedia work for flute, viola, and electronics created by John Glover in response to Natural Wisdom, a set of large-scale paintings by Mark Mastroianni. The artist and composer have worked together to develop an immersive experience, with music and sound to be heard and experienced among his Mastroianni's work, which takes its inspiration from the natural world around his Cherry Valley home.

Life Cycles is a composition which is part live performance and part sound-scape using manipulations of field recordings captured from the same surroundings. Two musicians will perform with live electronics, moving through the Star Theater in choreographed formations as projections of Mastroianni's work are manipulated by video artist Rob Dietz. Audience members are free to move independently through a visual and sonic space that meditates on the mystery of the natural world and our place within it. 

Cherry Valley Artworks is pleased to host a special exhibition of Mark Mastroianni's work throughout the Summer 2013 concert season.