Current Season

Please join us at our upcoming events!

July 12th: Uke-e-okie

Saturday, July 12th, 8pm at the Star Theater. A form of karaoke in which people take turns singing popular songs into a microphone over music provided by a ukulele-driven live band. A perfect chance to check "be the singer of a rock-n-roll band" off your bucket list! Many songs to choose from. Pop, indie, country, and more. Lyric sheets provided. Beer/wine cash bar. Admission $5.

July 18th & 19th: Mary Fralick's Production of "Art"

Tony Award winning comedy "addressing issues of art and life in outbursts that sound like Don Rickles with a degree from the Sorbonne."

July 27th: Fenimore String Quartet

A favorite of the summer concert series - featuring Ruotao Mao, Sue Rabat: Violins; Dee Dee Fancher, Viola; Ruth Berry, Cello.

July 28th-August 1st: Children's Shakespeare Workshops

1/2 day sessions for ages 7-10 and 11-14 culminating in a student performace. Led by Julia Motyka creator of LIVING SHAKESPEARE. $75.00 for 5 days - scholarships available.

August 4th: One, Two, Trio

7:30 PM. Solos, Duets and Trios for Strings led by Katherine Hannauer.

August 10th: Ensembles Large and Small

7:30 PM. A wonderful, eclectic mix of music by Glimmerglass Festival Musicians celebrating their favorite styles and showing off their mastery. Truly something for every music lover.

August 17th: Luke Winslow-King In Concert

New Orleans-based slide guitar master and his band bring their version of Delta blues, gospel and jazz themes to The Star Theater.

September 27th: Cherry Valley Kite Festival

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Campbell Road, Cherry Valley.

December 10th: Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

HOLIDAY PARTY AND ANNUAL MEETING AT THE ROSE & KETTLE Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 6:00PM This is an easy and fun way to support the programs you love -The Kite Festival, The Glimmerglass Orchestra Concerts, The Cherry Valley Sculpture Trail, original programs like Uke-okie, Vanessa Bley and Twin Danger, Luke Winslow King and more. A perfect opportunity to renew your membership or join at the door. ONLY YOUR SUPPORT CAN KEEP ARTWORKS ALIVE! Please RSVP to or respond to our Facebook invitation.